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Kandypens has created an elite device that sets the standard for portable wax vaporizers.

What is it?

The Black Edition by Kandypens is a limited edition vaporizer for wax and concentrates. This device is particularly special because it includes a lifetime warranty on the battery and lifetime atomizer replacement. Lifetime atomizer replacement means that whenever an atomizer’s coil eventually burns out from use, you no longer have to purchase a new one. All you have to do is email Kandypens support, and they’ll ship you out a new one for free. Considering the coil is the only part of the device you have to consistently replace, never having to pay for one ever again feels pretty nice!


In the Box

The Black Edition includes the vaporizer, two atomizers to get you started, micro-usb charger with wall adapter, mouth tips, a cleaning tool, and a large dab applicator tool.



When it comes down to functionality, the Black edition by KandyPens crushes the competition. Most notably, this device produces excellent flavor, and very large clouds. The size of the device allows for use in public, and ease when it comes to sneaking your wax essentials into concerts. Wax is vaporized thoroughly and in a timely manner which is important because this ensures no wax is ever wasted. Another cool feature of this device is the atomizer lock feature. The atomizer lock ensures that the atomizer remains attached to the battery. This keeps the wax on your coil instead of all over your pocket when traveling around with your vape. Oddly, no other device on the market offers this feature.



This device ranks very high in terms of quality. I love the rubber finish it has as it makes it look very elite and it feels great. Clouds are large and consistent which feels incredible. I have never taken such a giant rip from such a small device, and I am still impressed every time I exhale.


It is rare for a device to have no cons, but Kandypens has truly created a device that I really can’t find anything wrong with. Its quick, easy, and never been a nuisance when I want to use it.


With superior quality and functionality, the Black Edition easily became my daily vape. The Black Edition by Kandypens will run you $99.95 on their website.

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