Judiciary members are set to make a speedy vote on the new IP Attaché Act on July 18th, a bill that would essentially be SOPA in a different colored box.

If you haven’t heard about this new piece of ridiculous evil legislation, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

The bill is being led yet again by Republican Lamar Smith of Texas, who has received huge contributions from Entertainment companies around the country. In fact, that industry is his top campaign contributor. It’s no wonder why the guy is so set on aggressively pushing their freedom-suppressing legislation forward at such rapid pace.

We need to stand up and fight this potential injustice! Tell those in power that the tax-payers of this country, the consumers of their industries, and the people of this globalized planet do not want their rights suppressed by being subjected to a segmented internet led by greedy entertainment corporations. These committee members need to know that the world will not be help captive by the entertainment industry.

Sign the Petition at WhiteHouse.gov to get your voice heard! Spread the word about this to your friends around social networks everywhere, so that they too can help make a difference. We don’t have much time!



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