For the most part, Apple’s product commercials are completely different from their competition (at least, at the time of their creation). Often, Apple will show potential customers the huge value that can be added to their lives if they were to use an iPhone or an iPad within their daily lives. It’s often far more people centric and personal, which is something that Apple’s competition never seem to do correctly. Marketing is a big deal in today’s world.

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This time, their ad campaigns are a bit different. I personally like the ads anyways, despite their simplicity. It’s probably just John Malkovich. Along with the “Life” ad above, they’ve also release another along side it titled “Joke.” As you can see, Siri is also answering in an obviously staged way, and it would appear as though Apple wast at all phased by that dude that tried to sue Apple for misleading him in a Siri-centered ad.

Do you like these commercials? Do they at least get a smile out of you? Let us know in the comment below what you think of them!



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