One of the most interesting things about an Apple Store, to me anyways, is the rather large amount of things that are allowed and tolerated in their stores. There have been many occasions where I’ve traveled to my local Apple Store, for repairs or purchase, and witnessed people with pets in the store. I mean, they are just dogs, and how are we supposed to know if our little pet is a Mac or a PC if we don’t thoroughly push the boundaries of their comfort levels? I’m kidding of course, but the limits of what is allowed to go on at an Apple store is really unknown in a lot of cases.

I’m not simply talking about whether they’ll let you steal, or start violence, or bring deadly weapons or anything, because those are obvious no-no’s due to the fact that this country has laws, which tend to be enforced more often than not when possible. Actually, I’m more referring to some of the crazy things that are allowed to happen at an Apple store. For the next few examples, I’m going to refer to a man who decided to perform a bit of a test, and try employee patience and acceptance during normal business hours at a New York Apple Store.

Mark Malkoff, an internet addict and filmmaker, set out to see if there was something he could do in the Apple Store that employees wouldn’t allow. With a camera man on the journey with him, Mark documented himself doing an assortment of random activities, including ordering a pizza (and eating it) at the store, bringing in a goat (as a pet, you know), dressing as Darth Vader while attempting to request repairs, and he even had a romantic dinner with his wife, where he also decided to bring in a live band and dance romantically… All within the Apple Store.

His experiment, as you can see from the video below, is an impressive example of the how the tolerance and free spirited attitude of Apple Stores really set them apart from other major corporations. I honestly can’t think of a single store, much less an electronics store, that would let me bring in a camera and film, then order a pizza and eat it by their products. I certainly don’t know any that would allow a live band and dancing, but that’s exactly what Mark set out to test, and the results were pretty awesome if I do say so myself.


While Mark wasn’t able to actually do anything that would get him kicked out, I’m sure there is something somebody could do that would warrant such an exile from Apple’s domain. I’m not talking about inappropriate things either, so don’t think I’m attempting to be nuts here, but I’m willing to bet something cold be attempted that they wouldn’t allow.¬†Granted, the biggest thing I’ve gone and did at an Apple Store is jailbreak half their inventory of iPod touches and iPhones when Jailbreakme was first released. I also did that to iPhones on AT&T’s shelves as well! I don’t believe that actually counts though, because no employee actually seen me do it.

Anybody else care to put this to the test? If you do, and you are able to succeed in getting kicked out, contact us with a video link and we’ll feature your awesomeness in our next article about Apple Stores!

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