As usual with the latest iPhone, when it launches shipping times go up by a few weeks. Since launch the estimated wait time for an iPhone 5 has been listed as 3-4 weeks. (Some orders taking even longer)As of today it has been dropped down to 2-3 weeks.

This is great news for many out there waiting. It also shouldn’t be too long before iPhone 5’s are readily available in store. As the shipping times trickle down we also expect the “release” of the factory unlocked iPhone 5, sold at the unsubsidized rate. Though remember that if you have a Verizon iPhone 5, it is already unlocked and staying that way.

Apple has had supply problems with the iPhone 5 since launch. Many buyers at launch found their new iPhones had arrived with chips and scratches in the box. Apple slowed down its supply chain to take more care assembling each iPhone. You wouldn’t want that new iPhone you’ve been waiting for to arrive scratched now would you?

UPDATE: As of November 26, shipping times are now listed at 1 week.

Source: Apple


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