Battery life is a critical element to consider when purchasing a smart phone. No matter how much you can customize it, or much fast your data speeds are, longevity will ultimately determine whether or not you’re able to make a phone call, send or receive a text, or find directions to that place your friends are going after the game at the end of the day, without charging having to hook it to the wall.

The iPhone has been very well-known in the past for having extremely good battery life. The iPhone 4 came into the world advertising 7 hours of talk time, and almost a month of standby time (which I’ve been testing with mine sitting in standby while using Android for 30 days).

The iPhone 4S came out with even better life, according to Apple during their keynote presentation of the device. However, given those thousand users that have recently complained about battery issues with the device, the numbers Apple has presented likely aren’t standing up when it comes to averaging out the battery life of consumers using that product.

Android users have frequently found it a bit frustrating how Android smartphone makers keep on increasing processing power and advertising super “speed” from their devices, without actually optimizing those devices so the processors used can be more efficient to increase battery life.

A test is warranted then, as it always is when comparing devices. Battery test results were published by PC World on Monday which compared the battery life of iPhone 4S with other smartphones such as the Epic 4G Touch, DROID Bionic, and many other smartphones. They tested each phone’s battery life by looping a 720p video with the display at full brightness and the speakers loud enough to fill the room until the battery completely died.

The results came in, with rather impressive (and a bit surprising) results. Even with battery drain issues (if they were actually occurring with your device), the iPhone 4S, as it was advertised, should still be up there in the number one spot. At least, that’s what I would think, considering how Android smartphones tend to fall a bit behind in the battery life area. The Atrix I’ve been using for the last few weeks has likely been charged about 30 times already (about twice as much as my iPhone was needing to be charged).

Turns out though, under the conditions of the test (which isn’t the best execution of testing average battery life), PC World concluded that the iPhone 4S actually comes in third place, rather than leading the pack. The device was outlasted by the Samsung Epic Touch 4G, and the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide:

One thing to look for in the near future, however, is whether or not these results will be different after Apple releases the iOS 5.0.1 update to fix battery issues for consumers. The phone advertised 10-hours of video time from the keynote, and it seems to have only lasted about 61.4% of that advertised value. The software issue could fix this in the future, and PC World will be doing another test once this new software comes to the public.

How has your battery life been? Are you using one of these devices listed above? Does the figures match up to your experiences? Keep all of the features of the device turned on, and test it yourself sometime, and let us know.

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