(Note: These are results taken from a variety of tests from a single source. The results from these tests are true, however it may not be an exact representation of the true performance differences of these devices. More sources will offer support).

AnandTech, known best for all sorts of hardware tests and ratings, has tested the new iPad 2 against the old iPad, and the Motorola Xoom. They’ve tested the iPad 2 CPU (below) and GPU (above).

As you can see from these results, the iPad 2 is clearly mopping the floor with these other tablets. Of course, we expected it to smoke the iPad 1, just because that’s yesterday’s model. The Motorola Xoom’s performance when compared to this new iPad 2… very surprising. With all of the other tablets in the market attempting to bring “Specs” into an “Experience” battle, this test shows that these other tablet manufacturers have now fallen behind. The only advantage they had was speed and raw specs… not anymore. The iPad 2 has taken over the performance realm as well… your move competition:

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