Ever since the iPhone was introduced in 2007, its capabilities to interact with websites has been somewhat limited. Aside from the obvious (not having Flash), the mobile browser on the iPhone was also incapable of uploading media content to websites in Safari, unless the site itself was in mobile form, and provided a way to do it themselves. With iOS 6, that all changes.

Scott Forstall showcased a variety of features that iOS 6 has to offer (details here). Among the many enhancements, Safari was is updated with some cool new tricks. It was only touched on briefly (like under 20 seconds worth of  talking), but Safari has now been updated to support web-based media uploads to websites, just like the computer.

Now, when viewing a full webpage in Safari, you’ll be able to tap those wonderful buttons to upload photos (which you’d normally have to go to the computer to do), and instantly gain access to your Photos right from within the browser on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It’s a touch of simplicity, but it’s going to make a huge difference in my experience viewing the web while on the go.


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