Back when iOS 5 beta 6 was released previously, Apple had enabled direct application updates from within the App Store. Upon choosing individual apps to update, the App Store would simply download and install your new app update, without moving you out of the store and out onto your home screen. It was extremely convenient, and it really enhanced our experience while downloading app updates.

But then, in the next version of the beta, they removed the functionality. It never returned in the public release of iOS 5. Now, nearly one year later, iOS 6 has come to my phone in its first beta stage… and once again, I have the ability to update within the App Store, without leaving to the home screen.

This time it’s different though. It seems more intentional this time. Previously, as you can see FROM THE VIDEO I POSTED BEFORE HERE, it was merely an update button that would cycle for a bit and be installed. This time, it has a progress bar over the icon itself, and tapping on an app reveals details about the update right then and there. This implementation seems far more intentional, and I really don’t see them removing this feature this time.

All I can say is. It’s about damn time.


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