The Chronic Dev Team has been working hard to bring people a stable jailbreak that will allow people to reboot their devices without the help of a computer program. A “tethered” jailbreak has always been less than ideal, and the majority of users refuse to deal with the possibility that they will not be able to use their phone when they need it the most.

They are waiting for an “untethered-jailbreak,” a stable version that allows for the expansion of function from their device, while still allowing it to act normally under every day conditions, and in conditions where they may need to charge it without a computer handy. Their wait is getting very close to being over now.

Pod2g, of the Chronic Dev Team, has come up with a solution, and has presented a video demonstrating an iOS 5.0 device running his untethered jailbreak. The device is clearly on the new mobile OS from Apple, and features a fully working Cydia app. Whether or not your favorite tweak works for iOS 5.0… well, it’s likely, but not guaranteed.

It’s important to note that this isn’t for iOS 5.0.1. Users were warned not to update if they absolutely needed a jailbreak later. The good news is, even people on iOS 5.0.1 may not need to wait very long either. In a recent tweet, pod2g explains that although this isn’t iOS 5.0.1, it wouldn’t be hard, or take very long, to have it on iOS 5.0.1

The last note, is that this jailbreak hasn’t been fully tested or said to even work for iPhone 4S or iPad2. Owners of such devices shouldn’t worry much, because there are people working on it for your devices too. Just a note that needed to be addressed.

You can stay up to date on this development by joining us on Facebook, or following us on Twitter. Pod2g’s video is below.


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