Apple has begun seeding iOS 5.0.1 to a few end users now, aside from those developers who have been using it for beta testing. iOS 5.0.1 brings a fix for the battery issue that some people were experiencing (it’s a vast minority of people, but significant enough to do something about it apparently).

The seed to these end users comes following tests from developers for the update, which was meant to test against applications in addition to test for battery life and Siri improvements. Quite a few users who were previously complaining about battery issues in the iPhone 4S have been seeded the bug fix release through Apple’s AppleSeed program (which they would have needed to sign up for).

The iOS 5.0.1 release that was dished out today isn’t a “public” release, and Apple warns those that are using it to fix their issues that they will not be able to return to iOS 5.0 after installing it. They will, however, be able to update normally to iOS 5.0.1 when the official version goes public to all soon.

The iOS 5.0.1 update also brings Siri improvements for Australian users, and has given back the multitasking gestures to the first generation iPad, something I originally thought was total craziness to remove. There are apparently other minor bug fixes as well.

This means that everyone who’s been experiencing battery issues with the new iPhone, along with those who miss having their multitasking gestures before on iPad 1, are going to be getting their problems solved soon. Apple store employees, however, have actually been told how to deal with customer complaints for battery issues, as pointed out by 9to5Mac. Basically, employees have been instructed to tell customers that they need to wait for this software fix, and have been instructed not to replace devices for battery issues.

(source: 9to5Mac)

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