Internet is being used everywhere. It is free at Starbucks, McDonalds and many other places. What if you have no internet available, but you have an Android phone? Well you came to right place!

First of all, you need a rooted device.

You can root many phones with one click from Here.
If you have a G2, click Here.
If you have an HTC HD2 and want Android installed, click Here.

After you do that, go to these site from your computer from the phone itself.

Wired Tethering and Wireless Tethering.

From The Computer.

1. Download the files you want and save it to your memory card.

2. Download a file manager to your phone. I like ES File Manager.

3.  Go to Settings -> Applications and check the “Unknown Sources” and press OK.

4. Open the file manager you downloaded and install the files.


From The Phone.

1. Go to Settings -> Applications and check the “Unknown Sources” and press OK.

2. Go to the website and download it.

3. Install it and do the same for the next program

After you download and install them, Open the program and tap the tethering icon. It will ask for SU permission (SuperUser). If it doesn’t, it means you are not rooted. Press Allow. Re-tap the tethering icon again and it will ask for SU permission again and allow it. Do the same for the other tethering tap. Restart your phone and go Tethering Happy!

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