Windows Mobile may be horrible to those who prefer choices. Well the HD2 gives us many choices. You install Windows Phone 7, MeeGo, Android, Windows DOS, Windows 95, and Ubuntu all on ONE phone!

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread to your HD2.

If you already have Android Installed and want to upgrade or if you have Windows Phone 7 and you want to upgrade, Click Here.

First please go to THIS ARTICLE and follow the steps so your HD2 can accept custom software. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THIS, IT WILL NOT WORK!

After you installed the HSPL3, then continue.
HD2 ToolKit, which can be downloaded Here.
Nexus S Gingerbread 2.3.4, which can be downloaded Here.

After everything is download and your HD2 is ready to accept custom installations, you may proceed.


We do not accept any responsibility if anything happens to your phone. It can become bricked, non-functional or anything. You assume all risks and will proceed without any warranties or guarantees.

You can use the old article here if you want. This new way is A LOT BETTER!



1. Reformat your memory card to a FAT32 file system2. Copy the Gingerbread Zip file to your memory card. DO NOT EXTRACT THE FILES!3. Extract the HD2 Toolkit to your desktop like how I have it in the video. Open The HD2 Toolkit AS ADMINISTRATOR! (For Windows Vista and 7 only)4. Flash the Magloader. Turn the phone off and put the phone in bootloader by holding the Volume Down button and the Power button together. In the HD2 toolkit, press the Install Magldr and follow the steps.5. Flash the Radio. Put the phone in bootloader again and where it says “Install Custom NBH/NB RUU File”, click browse. Browse to the HD2 toolkit folder and you will see a folder called “Radio”. Select the and press Install RUU.6. After the phone restarts Mag Loader, press the Volume Down button until you get to #5 (USB Flasher) and press the Call button (Green button) and it will be in USB Flasher Mode. It will say Wait for USB…USB.

7. In the HD2 toolkit, select MagLdr repartition and choose the 150MB File size. Leave the Cache size the same (45). Then press Repartition.

8. After it is done, the phone will restart into Magldr. Go to AD Recovery. Go to “Install Zip From SD Card. Then “Choose Zip from SD Card”. Select the ROM and Press Yes. After it is done, press the back button and then press Reboot System.

9. Let the phone load up and enjoy your new Android phone!

You can Install Wire/Wireless Tethering from Here.


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