UPDATE: This app is now LIVE on the App Store. READ THE FULL REVIEW

Epic has managed to bridge the gap in something that the iphone and smartphones in general have been lacking. What’s that you might ask? The inability to utilize these devices and showcase their true ability to be serious contenders amongst the likes of PSP or Nintendo DS platforms.

All of this has changed though with companies such as Epic, which released a 3D hi-res gaming engine roughly a month ago, titled Epic Citadel. The game basically walks you though a 3D rendered environment showcasing the possibility of being able to accomplish an intensely detailed and high FPS gaming environment.

Now Epic has managed to migrate the framework of Citadel and infuse a mideval twist to it with the widely anticipated upcoming release of Infinity Blade. It only shows the potential as advances being made in smartphones to basically run at the speeds our old laptops use to achieve just a few short years ago.

The game running at an astounding 60fps pushes the iPhone 4 to it’s maximum potential. It plays out rather well, and will encourage other gaming developers to create their games in the same fashion. Although it might not just yet replace your stand alone portable gaming system, it will prove to be a viable and very attractive alternative to having to buy games for $20-$25 for your portable. The average being only $5-$9 for the same hot titles on your smartphone. It’s just a matter of not having developers creating their titles for smart phones, but as time passes there are more and more of these amazing games filling up the App Store and Android market alike.

As device screens become sharper and larger, it only make sense that phone manufactures try and corner the handheld gaming market too.

Even Sony has created a PS gaming phone as they try to stay ahead of the curve.
Check out Epic CItadel in the app store for FREE and also check out RAGE HD also in the App Store for $1.99. Experience your devices full gaming potential. Infinity Blade is expected to be released anytime in December with a price between $4.99-$5.99.  Stay tuned for a detailed review by me upon it’s released


UPDATE: Infinity Blade’s release date has been confirmed: December 9. Price = $5.99

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