The long awaited, highly anticipated game “Infinity Blade” has finally been launched in the App Store today for $5.99

This iOS exclusive game brought to you by Epic’s Unreal Gaming Engine.

The game starts off innocently enough with an opening segment where a knight is bestowed with a quest for a sword, and not just any sword: The Infinity Blade, a sword said to kill Gods!

You then embark upon the quest with bloodline 1, the beginning of the story. The knight, out to avenge the death of his father, marches forward from castle to castle in a gorgeously stunning 3d-rendered environment. The first part of the quest is 4 stages, as you fight your way through collecting magic spells, money, skill points, and a chance to upgrade your battle armor. You can have a 180 degree view of your surroundings.

You have the ability to fight your opponent from different vantage points within the screen. Each character you defeat, you have different finishing moves as you can watch the horror played out right before your very eyes.

After you complete the first segment of the game, you might, prematurely, think that the game has ended. Fear not though, as it continues forward going 21 years back in time to bloodline 2.

The game, and the opponents, become increasingly more difficult as the game goes on. You have the ability of multi-combination moves, as does your enemy. You can also block and counter as each character you fight has a slightly different style and weapon.

Some hits you endure are fatal, and you can perish quickly if you don’t counter, block, and strike properly. There is increased difficulty to the game as it progresses, but all in all you can complete it in rougly 45 minutes to an hour.

The game runs at 60fps and the fine attention to detail in the graphics are unmatched by any game in the App Store. Even Rage HD, which was recently released, does not stand up to the overall impressive beauty of this game.

The creators of Infinity Blade have expressed that the game will have more content added through updates, which they expressed will not be that long in coming. They’ll add the ability to fight a multitude of enemies, and not just the 4-5 they currently have within the game. In addition to entering other realms or environments, more weapons, and increased multi combo moves, movie segments will come to add more depth to the overall gaming experience.

Personally playing through the game… it’s as exciting as I’m writing about it. There is nothing that comes close, and the few little flaws that it does have, like certain parts the frame rate being diminished slightly, and some parts of it seem to be “sluggish,” and the fact that you can finish the game in about an hour… are heavily outweighed by the promise of future content, the beautiful appeal of the game, and crisp second to none graphics and game play.



I rate this game a 9/10, and a must have for anyone that is wanting so much to bridge the gap between your portable gaming device, and smart phone gaming. GO GET IT NOW!

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