It’s fairly obvious that Nintendo is going to kick Sony and Microsoft’s ass in regards to buzz at this years E3. Of course, Nintendo is the only major game platform company that’s debuting a new console to the world this week, and thus, new console always trumps new games.

I’m fairly convinced that Sony won’t even go as far as to mention a Playstation 4 at this years convention. Both Sony and Microsoft have issued firm denials that a next generation console will be shown at the E3 2012. This means it’s unlikely that anything about a Playstation 4 or an XBOX 720 (please don’t name it that) will develop at the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center this Tuesday through Thursday. Nintendo will probably dominate the news.

However, we can all assume that next generation consoles are coming, whether it’s this year or next. The XBOX 360 has been an extremely popular console for Microsoft, and while we likely won’t see it until next year, fans are curious as to what the company has been up to for the next edition of their favorite gaming platform.

With Windows 8 announced, we can pretty much assume that some sort of integration will occur with Windows 8 PCs and the new console. What level that integration will end up at is still yet to be known. But, aside from playing nice with Windows 8 PC’s, what else do you hope to see from the XBOX console? Will they be able to achieve the same high-level of video output as Sony’s console? Will there be an announcement for their network, and Xbox Live?

There is a possibility, although slim, that Microsoft’s presentation (which occurs before Sony) will include small glimpses into their future console. Maybe an outer shell or something, at least letting us know what it may look like. Show us concept art, hell I don’t care. Show us something!

Leave your comments below here and tell me what you hope to see in the next XBOX, and what you think it should be called. I personally feel 720 is a terrible name, simply because it’s starting a naming convention/pattern that’s impossible to actually continue. Still, members of our awesome community may have a better idea for a name. Let’s hear them!

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