Regardless of how you may feel about Steve Jobs announcing his resignation as CEO of Apple, I believe there may still be a very bright future for Apple further down the road. Contrary to popular belief (especially those who actually HATE on Apple whenever they get the chance… you know who you are), Apple is a culture that runs deep within the executives, designers, engineers, and other employees of the company. Steve Jobs may have a vast majority of the credit when it comes to the success of the Cupertino-based innovator, and that means his aspirations live on in the company itself.

Throughout Apple’s 35 years of ups and downs, Steve Jobs’ leadership has driven up the standard of what a company should produce. His legacy has raised the bar in what it means to create an excellent product, and although many nay-sayers will bash that thought, they cannot deny Apple their success, and they’d be foolish to deny the quality of Apple’s products. The ease of use and functionality has surpassed all other devices in the eyes of those wishing to own a great smartphone that is easy to use, and takes little effort to learn. Their computer line has been changing rapidly over the years to incorporate features that form to a users natural behavior, and have implemented multi-touch controls to make computing more fun and simple. Convenience and user-friendliness has always been Apple’s product model, and it has lead to a very successful company that has risen up from being nearly destroyed all together, to being number one in the world at one point, even if it was short (they are number 2 as of this post). They understand that a great product should form to the user, and not the other way around.

But the real question on everyone’s mind is: Will Apple continue to succeed far into the future now that Steve has resigned, or will they crash and fall in popularity. Will their standards of innovation and dedication to excellence inspire new technologies and products to capture our attention further, or will other competitors take this as an opportunity and conquer Apple after all?

In the short term, it will appear as though Apple is falling. Their stock will take a nose dive tomorrow, you can quote me on that. I’ll throw out a prediction, and say it falls to around $320 or less. However, I believe that this company will overcome that downslide, and will continue to capture the attention of Billions of people in the future.

As John Gruber says, via The Daring Fireball:

“The thing to keep in mind is this: Apple tomorrow, a week from now, and next month is the exact same Apple from yesterday, a week ago, and last month. Tim Cook wasn’t named “CEO” until today, but he’s been the chief executive at the company since Jobs started this — his third — medical leave back in January, and probably even before that. Whatever Steve’s role is going forward, it’s only different in title than what it has been, in effect, for some time. Whatever it is that ails him, he’s been diminished.”

So, I’m not asking if Apple will continue to succeed or not, because like I said, the culture and way of thinking within that culture has already been set. Rather, I’m asking if you believe this event will have a positive or negative effect on Apple? You can hear my thoughts in the video below, and I encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. This really could go either way, and I look forward to reading some excellent, and collectively thoughtful comments in the comments fields below.

(Please do NOT turn this into a battle and hate comment stream. Any comment that appears to do such a thing will be removed).

(PS: Youtube, this is the second time in a row you have screwed up my videos. Get your shit together)


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