Sometimes life can pop up and get in the way of getting these articles written. In the case of this review that hasn’t been a bad thing because I’ve gotten to use the Rezound more. To start things off the HTC Rezound is available now at Verizon Wireless for $299 on contract. For your money you get quite a bit of hardware. The star of the show is Beats Audio integration, and a set of iBeats headphones valued at $99. The display is rocking 1280 x 720 pixels (720p HD baby!) stretched across a 4.3 inch display. You’ve got HTC’s next generation of optics which weigh in at 8 megapixels in the rear, and 2 megapixels on the front end. The rear camera is capable of full 1080p video recording. You get a 1.5GHz dual core Qualcomm processor that sits on 1GB of RAM. All of that is powered by a 1620 mAh battery. HTC has already stated that the device will be upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich, and uses HTC Sense on top of Android Gingerbread. Did I mention this guy also packs a 4G LTE punch? This device is often overlooked by the bigger names in Verizon’s lineup, mainly the Droid Razr and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. If you manage to pick up this device, it may just state it’s case all by itself. Keep reading for our full review of the HTC Rezound.



You either love HTC’s hardware, or you don’t. I fall on the love side. I love the lines, layers, textures, and colors used. The Rezound is an obvious evolution of the Incredible and Incredible 2. It even features red accents, though I think they went with red again because of the Beats integration. If you remove the backplate you get the typical show of translucent color from HTC.

The real show here is the display. I can’t speak enough for it’s clarity. Coming from the Galaxy Nexus this is even better. Since you get the same resolution with a smaller screen (than the Nexus), you get a higher pixel density. With a lack of pentile, it is all that much clearer.

The body of the phone looks much like most other HTC phones. It is not overly thin, and this guy isn’t tipping any scales either. This phone has the right amount of heft to feelgood in the hand, along with a nice curved back to feel great in the hand.


HTC’s Sense overlay is arguably one of the better OEM skins out there. It makes personalizing your device super easy with a button right on the homescreen. Being able to add 4 custom shortcuts from the lock screen is super handy. You are also able to put weather, stocks, photos, or even your FriendSTREAM right on the lock screen. You also get the luxury of having seven homescreens versus the usual five of other manufacturers. HTC has also included some great widgets that are beautiful and super functional.



HTC has included an 8MP shooter. It still doesn’t quite measure up to the optics and quality found on the iPhone 4S. however it is quite good. Sometimes the auto white balance didn’t adjust in mixed lighting, and better results can be found by using custom white balance. Auto focus was satisfactory. HTC also included a nice dual LED flash to help light up those shots with less than adequate light.


Battery Life

You can’t review a phone without talking about battery life. Unfortunately batteries have not changed much in the last decade, and Android hasn’t been notorious for long lasting batteries out of the box. No surprising results here. You can easily make through a day on 3G alone. Activate that LTE radio and that stock battery will be drained. So if you want to leave that 4G goodness on all the time, make sure you have a plan. There is an extended battery and replacement cover if you don’t mind the bulk. It measures in at 2750 mAh, and can get you through the day on 4G.



This guy is a beast of a phone. It’s plenty fast on the processor side, and LTE can make for some blazing fast downloads. Not enough can be said for the screen. It is the best I’ve seen on a phone. It’s one of three phones as I write this that have a 720p HD display. (The other contenders include the Galaxy Nexus, and the LG Nitro HD.) Sense is a joy to use, and super easy to customize. Beats audio makes all your music sound great, and listening to them on your iBeats headphones is the icing on the cake. Of course we could always use more battery life, but at least they gave us an extended option. HTC has been kind enough to support unlocking bootloaders through a simple tool, so you can always take that customization to a whole new level thanks to developer support. (BEWARE THAT UNLOCKING YOUR BOOTLOADER VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY AND SHOULD BE DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK.) Like I said about the Galaxy Nexus, this should be on your list of smart phones to check out before you leave the store. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some music to listen too.



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