iOS 8 has brought a lot of great features to the world that iPhone owners have been craving for some time. One of the great features that I’m excited about, is the enhanced functionality of Siri regarding hands-free usage. In this video, I give you a quick demonstration on how to use Siri hands-free with Apple’s new iOS 8 on an iPhone 5s.

It’s important to note here that the hands-free usage of Siri is available and functional only when the device is plugged into via USB or dock. The reasoning behind this, I can only assume, is because these are usually the only times in which a user wants to use the phone hands free, usually when driving a vehicle, or sitting on a desk at home, or being plugged into a dock. Without a power source plugged in, the phone doesn’t continuously listen to you (which also consumes battery, and gives you a lot more room for error), and a regular hold of the home button will be required to prompt Siri.

You’ll also notice that the iPhone dictates my speech as I speak now, so I can get visual confirmation as to the accuracy of my voice while I speak. Nothing revolutionary or anything, but it is making the user experience on the world’s favorite smart phone that much better. Now if we could just get the phone to dictate text without an internet connection, that would be awesome.

Are there any questions you have about iOS 8? I know every blog and their mothers are covering iOS 8, so I’m not going to go into a ton of detail about it unless people want me to. If you have any questions about this better-than-expected update to iOS, please leave me a comment down below, or on Facebook with your questions. Thanks for watching! Share if you like!

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