I have received a few questions on how to update Android or switch from Windows Phone 7 to Android. Instead of me reanswering it, I’ll make a new article.

You can Find all the files from Here. Just download the files and come back to this article.

1. Format your memory card to a FAT32 filesystem. Go to Computer -> right click your memory card -> Format -> Choose FAT32.

NOTE: This will delete all your information on the memory card so back it up or use a blank memory card!

2. Transfer the Android Zip file to the memory card.

3. Put the phone in MagLoader. Turn the phone off. Hold the power button for 15 seconds. Go to USB Flasher.

4. In the HD2 toolkit, select MagLdr repartition and choose the 150MB File size. Leave the Cache size the same (45). Then press Repartition.

5. After it is done, the phone will restart into Magldr. Go to AD Recovery. Go to “Install Zip From SD Card. Then “Choose Zip from SD Card”. Select the ROM and Press Yes. After it is done, press the back button and then press Reboot System.

6. Let the phone load up and enjoy your New/Updated Android phone!

You can Install Wired / Wireless Tethering from Here.

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