The Dev Team has finally released the untethered jailbreak tool that pod2g was working on for a long time. The tool promises to finally give all iOS devices a fully untethered jailbreak experience that is so loved by everyone.  This jailbreak was made extremely easy, and it’s much closer to a one-click jailbreak like we’ve seen from Limera1n and Blackra1n from the Geohot days. This is actually two-clicks, unless you need some special circumstances, like the preservation of your baseband for unlocks.\

This includes the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 ONLY. If you are looking to jailbreak iPhone 4/3GS, iPod Touches, or the original iPad, CLICK HERE INSTEAD.

For this release, the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak has been released in a familiar place, The Dev Team’s servers immediately went under heavy load, crashing things for a decent period of time. I guess that’s what happens when hundreds of thousands of people are watching and waiting for a release.

It’s called “Absinthe”, and it’s available for both Windows and Mac. We’ll have a video tutorial up for you later, but for now, please read the following carefully:

This guide uses Mac OS X and will teach you how to jailbreak various devices using Absinthe 0.3. This is an untethered jailbreak, meaning you do NOT need to use a computer to reboot the phone later. This guide should ONLY BE USED with the following device/software configurations.

  • iPhone 4S | 5.0 (9A334)
  • iPhone 4S | 5.0.1 (9A405)
  • iPhone 4S | “other” 5.0.1 (9A406)
  • iPad2 | 5.0.1 (9A405)


Absinthe creates a backup and restores it onto your device. It injects the code needed for the jailbreak into that “backup” that it created for you. This is the first time the Dev Team has used an exploit like this to jailbreak a device. However, this means that your backup is the file that needs to go onto the phone, and you may experience a very slow jailbreak if you have a lot of files on your device. It is recommended, if you don’t like waiting, that your device have a lot of free space when you start the process. If you’d like to do that, CREATE A BACKUP IN ITUNES FIRST! If you’re using iCloud to backup your device, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup > Backup Now.

AFTER you have a backup, you can wipe the contents on your iDevice by navigating like this:

Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

MAKE SURE YOU’VE BACKED UP YOUR CONTENT. I can’t stress that enough.

You DO NOT HAVE TO DO ERASE EVERYTHING in order for this to work. The process can still work if you keep everything on it, but it’ll take a LOT longer.

Here are the Absinthe download links:

Greenpois0n Absinthe: For WINDOWS
Greenpois0n Absinthe: For LINUX
Please note that although Windows and Linux users will be using the “Greepois0n” Absinthe program, the steps are essentially identical for Mac, Windows, and Linux

STEP 1) First thing you’ll need to do is download the Mac version of Absinthe (Link Above). Double-click the zip file to unzip it, unless your browser has done it for you.

STEP 2) Making sure your device is connected to your computer: Double-click Absinthe to launch it. You will see the Absinthe home screen, and Absinthe should tell you your device has been detected.

STEP 3) Press the Jailbreak button.

– Absinthe will then go through a few status messages while it jailbreaks your device. It will stop for a bit at Waiting for reboot – not done yet, don’t unplug your device yet!, and once the device has finished rebooting it will continue the jailbreak. Do not touch or unplug the device during this process.

STEP 4) Unlock the device screen (if necessary) and tap the “Absinthe” icon to finish the jailbreak. It’s possible that the icon isn’t on the first page, so you may have to look around for it.

STEP 5) Tap the icon. It will bring up a webview with a white page, and then your device will restart.

YOU MAY SEE AN ERROR: “Error establishing a database connection” – to fix this, go to Settings and turn on VPN. The VPN connection will also give an error, which is fine. A reboot should happen shortly after you see that.

You will see the Apple logo with a progress bar quickly as the device restarts, and then your device will power back on.

STEP 6) The Set Up iPhone (or iPad) GUI you see when you restore an iDevice will now appear. You can now restore the device from the backup you made before. If you backed up the device with iCloud, chose that and use the iCloud backup.

After your device restores from the backup, you’ll see CYDIA on your home screen, in place of Absinthe. You’re now free to use your brand new jailbroken iPhone 4S or iPad 2!

Please note that many Cydia packages are not compatible with iOS 5+ yet, and some may mess your device up if installed without being updated first. It is your responsibility to know what you’re doing before you do it. I’m giving you a guide on how to get the tools… It’s your job to know how to use them. If you aren’t sure of something, either ask us or stay away from it entirely.

As always, if you have any questions or need help, please visit us on FACEBOOK and we’ll try to get to you about it.

(via pod2g)

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