Do you use Siri? Many people still do, but many have found their uses for it dwindling. Personally, I would use it for almost everything involving scheduling, and for typing. I don’t have an iPhone 4S myself, but with the experience I do have using it, I know this would be wonderful to have.

I would also use it to tweet. Of course, as many people know already, Siri isn’t the tweeting type just yet, but with a little help from the jailbreak community, Siri will be a pro-tweeter in a few seconds

Introducing Tyler Nettleton, or InfectionFX, who is has created a nifty little Cydia tweak which will enable iOS 5 users to send tweets via Siri. For those who have Android devices, you probably giggle when you read this, because you have the ability to talk to your keyboard and tweet already. However, we aren’t talking about a voice to text service that types your tweet for you. We’re taking native integration of the built-in, system wide voice masterpiece (Siri). Just being able to hold up your device, no matter where you are, and tell it to tweet something would be wonderful for iPhone users, and it may not be far off.

How will it be implemented? Well, their idea works by opening up Siri (from anywhere) and saying “Tweet.” Then the user will proceed with the tweet you wish to submit. Once the tweet request has gone through, Siri replies with a sound effect and a “Tweet sent.” Sounds fairly easy, but there are a few things that are uncertain thus far.

For starters, Siri may not be able to tell you when you’ve reached that magical 140 character limit, and if it can, will it automatically send it to Twitlonger (I hope so). Another element that is still shaky in all voice software applications is the use of slang. There is a lot of slang in our language online, especially on Twitter. Then there are photos from our camera roll and photo albums… will Siri have issues getting access to those as well? We currently don’t have access to an iPhone 4S to try it with, so if you  have one, please notify us as soon as you can to the answers to these questions so that we can fill in the blanks. Thanks!


The Tweak, named “Sireet” is available right now for FREE in the ModMyi Repository. If you are currently viewing this article on a jailbroken iPhone that has Siri, tap the link below with your finger to go and get it!


(via iOSVlog)

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