Notifications have slowly but surely been improving on Apple’s iPhone. One of the new features in iOS 6 is the ability to set custom vibrations, or choose from a set of pre set vibration variations. (This is an expansion of the accessibility custom ringtone vibration that was featured in iOS 5.) This is especially useful to know what kind of notification you are getting when audio notifiers aren’t an option. You can also set up custom vibration alerts for individual contacts. This is a feature I’ve been using on BlackBerry for years, so I’m very excited to get control over these things on iOS. So let’s dig into those settings menus! Under Settings->Sounds you will find the settings you need to change your vibration alerts system wide.

You will see a list of all the different notification types that you can change. For this how to we’ll just change the ringtone’s vibration. Select Ringtone. When you get to this screen, the setting you’re looking for now is “hidden” above the ringtones. So slide the list down and you’ll see the option for vibration. Select it. Here you will see a list of pre set vibration patterns. Selecting one will preview the vibration for you. To set up your own though select “Create New Vibration”. Now it’s time to release your inner drummer! Whatever rhythm you tap here will display along the white bar. You can then play it back before saving it as your custom vibration. Now get creative. Tap out the rhythm of your personal ringtone, to feel the music when you get called. To take your custom vibration alerts to the next level, jump over to your contacts list. Open up whichever contact you’d like to set up a custom alert for and click the edit button on the top right corner. Here you’ll see an option to change their ringtone and text tone, along with the vibration for each one. You’ll repeat the steps above here to finish out your custom vibrations.

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