In this issue of “Using and Understanding Facebook,” a video series we have going on YouTube, I’d like to explain how you can make your photo albums look a bit more consistent and attractive on Facebook, without a whole lot of effort.

Among the millions of users on Facebook, many of them have extensive photo albums. Some are actual photographers, others sorta say they are, but most people just shoot pictures from their phones or little point-and-shoot cameras while they are on a trip, at a party, with a significant other, or make duck-faces at themselves while they hold it up towards them (girls… you know who you are).

In any case, no matter who you are, you’re going to want to share those photos with your family and/or friends, and it’s important that you make those photos look somewhat presentable. In most cases, they are just as they are wanted, but sometimes every now and then, you’ll upload a photo that’s not quite the right orientation. You’ll have “sideways photos” in your albums.

I’m here to help you fix that.

There is a very easy tool available to you, found on all of your photos, that will allow you to rotate your pictures after you upload them. This will allow you to fix them, even if you have already uploaded them, or deleted them from your computer. With this, you don’t have to upload the photos again, and you can fix those slanted memories in just a click of a mouse.

There have been some changes made to photos recently by facebook, and this feature is now located in a different spot. Take a look at the little gear next to the closing “X”. This is where you can do it:

You’re also able  to use the Options area within the photo area, much like the FULL SCREEN VIEWING FEATURE on Facebook.

I hope this helps you. May the visuals on Facebook become more attractive with every person who reads and watches.


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