Apple is holding its annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on June 11, just a few days away. I thought I’d take this time to talk about some of the things you are very likely to see, and some of the things that you shouldn’t expect to see.

There are always lots of rumors and speculation around Apple’s products and events. Many of which are usually true, and many of which are simply never going to happen (like the iPad getting a standard USB port). While I’m not here to touch on rumors, I will strive to use my studies and education in Apple’s tendencies and business sense to provide my thoughts in a plain-English as possible. In no way do I claim anything I’m about to say to be complete truth, but rather, the following are things that make perfect sense to me in more ways than one.

A Little About Apple

Throughout the years, Apple has developed a pattern with its product introductions. First, the company will send out invitations to a public press event, which will then ripple through all the dedicated-Apple blogs like a wild-fire. The invitations are almost always to key developers in their digital marketplaces, and to large technology-based news organizations. In many cases, seats fill up within a few hours, and the talk about the event lasts a few weeks after it takes place.

This year, Apple’s invitation says “the week we’ve all been waiting for,” a vague statement that’s meant to get you thinking, and to get the media buzz rumbling. It works every time. What could the announcement be? Certainly, many people would have you believe that the new iPhone is at the top of the priority list, but Apple is a software company that gets you involved through an ecosystem of hardware products utilizing the software, and you cannot achieve such an amazingly powerful system that consumers crave without having multiple products. Throughout all the buzz about the iPhone, the Mac line-up may have been forgotten among the minds of many HotTips! followers. This, unfortunately for you, may be the part where you receive a total buzz-kill, since people tend to get their hopes up to monumental levels right before a big event. They want it all, and they want it all right now.

But Apple, as many of you know, is very smart in their business strategies…. They certainly will not give you everything you want “right now.” Ever. Part of this, arguably, is planned obsolescence. But part of it is also practicality. While other companies are getting lower profit margins by putting in features the vast minority even want, Apple is attempting to offer higher quality products that do exactly what you need them to do, and that operate efficiently doing exactly what the majority wants them to do later. Maybe that makes sense, and maybe it doesn’t. It’s how they operate though, so deal with it.

About WWDC

What Apple will announce at WWDC, and what you expect them to announce may be entirely different things. Expect too much and you’ll land hard from the fall, becoming disappointed thinking that “Apple sucks” or that “they didn’t give us enough.” That’s never the truth however. You see, Apple didn’t get your hopes up and watch you fall. The media did. Don’t every take everything the rumors say as truth. That’s when you end up disappointed.

Apple is going to do exactly what they want to do, and nothing more. That’s “how they roll,” and it’s working beautifully for them so far. You cannot expect Apple to directly compete with their competition. They never care what other companies are doing. They don’t even care about what the world is doing. They only look at where the world is going, and put their products in the category of devices which best fits the needs of their target market in the future. Their competition then follows suit right along with them, offering products with higher specs, flashy commercials, and all sorts of other awesome stuff on the box that half of you will actually read, and 10% of you will actually use. You won’t see that with Apple.

So what will you see at WWDC this year? To look into this properly, you have to look at patterns, and not at rumors. Look inside how the company functions, and look at how they’ve released in the past. Look at what makes sense for the next step in that pattern, and you’ll see the light. Remember what I said above: This company doesn’t care what the world is doing right now. They only care about where the world will be in the future.

With that, let’s dig into this event a little more…



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