With the release of Apple’s latest phone, the iPhone 4S, they also introduced Siri. Siri is marketed as a personal assistant. The biggest thing about Siri is its’ ability to know what you mean in a natural language set-up. There are no strict commands you have to use when talking to Siri. That is what makes Siri so much different from all the other voice control stuff we have seen on the other platforms and has already proven itself to be a game changer.

Now that I’ve talked a little bit about what Siri is, I’m going to share a little tip to get more out of Siri. Siri wants to know more about you. If you have never used Siri before, and you ask it to call, for example, your wife; it will come back and say, “I don’t know who your wife is…in fact, I don’t know who you are. But you can tell me…” It will then tell you to go into Siri settings and select your contact card. If you do not have a contact card you will want to make one.

Siri settings is under Settings -> General -> Siri Settings. You will see an option for “My Info”. This is where you can select your contact card. Now Siri knows who you are.

If you prefer to be called something other than your name selected via contact card, that is easy to change as well. In my case, “Greg” vice “Gregory”. Simply activate Siri and say, “Call me Greg” Be careful who you hand your iPhone over to. If they have knowledge of this, it can very easily be changed to something quite undesirable to you.

Choosing how much you want to share from here is up to you. You can add everything from your contact card. I suggest adding addresses for home, and work, so Siri can set up location based reminders for you. Down at the bottom of your contact is a field you may never have noticed before for relationships. You can place any of the preset relationships here for: mother, father, parent, brother, sister, child, friend, spouse, partner, assistant, manager, and other. It also gives you the option to write a custom label. Here I’ve humorously added a fictitious contact “Joey” under the label of “homie” I can now say to Siri, “Send a message to my Homie.” Siri knows that I mean Joey and brings up a blank message to Joey (555-5555) Just be careful not to share your contact card with people after you’ve carefully inputted your clever nicknames for all your friends. Currently choosing to share your contact shares your whole contact card.

Now that you’ve given Siri everything about you, Siri can fulfill its’ role as your personal assistant. So keep holding that home button, and asking Siri everything under the sun, it’s only going to get better from here.

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