A nifty little bit of software has come up on the web recently that will actually allow people to know when somebody stops following them, and when somebody removes themselves from their friends list. As everyone knows, you are always able to tell when sombody requests to be your friend, or when somebody accepts your request. We aren’t told, however, when somebody removes us from the list… That’s where “TwentyFeet” comes in.

A strange name, I know, but don’t misconstrue this with being more spam about how you can see who views your profile. It’s not FACEBOOK SPAM OR A VIRUS. Instead this is a simple add on that will monitor one facebook account, and one twitter account for you, and tell you when somebody decides you are no longer worthy of their time. Check out the video below for more info:


Although they offer to monitor 1 Facebook and 1 Twitter account free, they are fully aware that some people use multiple accounts (for instance, a personal and a business account). For those people, TwentyFeet will be able to help you out with as many accounts as you want when you sign up with a “business account” and pay only $2.49 per added social media account. It’s pretty badass, and it won’t take up your Facebook feed or post to your profile at all either.

(Source: RedmondPie)

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