I format computers once in a blue moon and I HATE losing my Backup discs. I tend to never label them and I have a ton of CDs in my room. I do not even bother looking for it so I just make a new one. Pretty smart, right?

So instead of this headache, I will teach you on how to prepare your flash drive (or thumb drive if that is what you call it) so you can install Windows to your computer. This method is EXTREMELY helpful especially when you want to format a Netbook (It has No CD/DVD Drive), computers that do not have a working CD/DVD Drive, or if you want it to Install ALOT FASTER!

What you need is the following:
A Flash Drive
– 1GB is fine for Windows XP, but I’d recommend a 4GB for Windows Vista/7.
A Windows CD or you can download one but PLEASE HAVE A LEGAL CD KEY! This is not intended for pirate use!
DiskPart which can be downloaded here.

Please back up all your files to your computer since we will have to reformat it.

After Diskpart is installed, you may now continue.

1. Place your flash drive into your computer.

2. In the start menu, type diskpart and press enter.

3. Type List Disk and press enter.

4. Type Select Disk 1 (1 should be your flash drive. If it is not, change the number to your flash drive) and press enter.

5. Type Clean and press enter.

6. Type Create Partition Primary and press enter.

7. Type Active and press enter.

8. Type format fs=fat32 quick and press enter.

9. Type assign and press enter.

10. Transfer the files directly from the disc to the flash drive.

11. Boot the computer into its BIOS. You will see either USB Drive / Removable Storage / The Make of your Flash Drive.

12. Select it and continue on forward like how you normally install Windows!


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