iBooks 2 was announced Thursday, which was directed towards students and teachers to change how textbooks interact with their classrooms. It’s an amazing step to alleviate some of the pain, both physically for the students, and financially for the schools, of having those heavy textbooks.

Anyone can create a book for iBooks with Apple releasing the iBooks Author app in the Mac Store. It uses simple drag and drop features with Word files and images so that everything is done for you. It’s a remarkable innovation in creating rich and fun content for students, also supporting movable 3D graphics, videos, and more. It’s taking a very big step into the future of education; a world where eventually e-books will reign supreme and rule the land, and printed copies, much to the dismay of publishing companies, will go away (hopefully).

Something that got me annoyed today, however, was when I tried to download iBooks Author while my Mac is running Snow Leopard. Apparently, Apple didn’t want the previous OS to have any fun with this, and they’d rather attempt to force people to update when it isn’t necessary. iBooks Author does a fantastic job while running on Snow Leopard, and there is no reason why that function shouldn’t be allowed, other than to get you to update… here, let’s get iBooks Author running on your Snow-Leopard Mac as well, and you can see for yourself:

Below is a video demonstrating the process. If you are more of a visual person, and you have a few minutes, that might be the way to go for you. If you think you can manage it without a video, or if you have a slow connection, a written guide has been placed below as well.

I hope this helps you to create vibrant and highly educational works while still allowing you to avoid updating to Mac OS X Lion just to have it. It works great. you don’t need to update.


How To Install iBooks Author On Mac OS X Snow Leopard:

1) Update iTunes to 10.5.3

2) Open Finder and go to Macintosh HD (or the hard drive your os is installed on)

3) Go into System, then Library, and then CoreServices.

4) Here, COPY “SystemVersion.plist” and PASTE it onto your desktop.

5) You can now open this file on the desktop, and locate the line that reads “<string>10.6.8</string>” to “<string>10.7.2</string>” near the bottom of the file. If you aren’t running at least 10.6.8, the version number will be whatever you are on currently.

6) Now SAVE (and overwrite) the current file with the updated one.

7) Now COPY the new file on your desktop, and PASTE it into the CoreServices folder from Step 3. (You’ll need to input your password to confirm).

8) Now go to the Mac App Store and search for iBooks Author and install it. – DO NOT RUN IT

9) Open the SystemVersion.plist that you edited before, and change it back to the way it was before. In other words, change the value back to “<string>10.6.8</string>.” – You’ll then want to replace the file again, so that everything is back the way it was when you started.

10) Now, Go to your Applications folder and find iBooks Author

11) Right click (or Control-click) iBooks Author and click “Show Contents”

12) Inside the “Contents” folder you’ll find “Info.plist”

13) Open “Info.plist” and search for the 10.7.2 required version number, and change to your version of Snow Leopard (the value above, as in 10.6.8)

14) Save the changes. You can now user iBooks Author on Snow Leopard (further proving that Apple’s policies on forcing upgrades for no reason).

iBooks will appear to not work, but that’s just how the app works. You can navigate to FILE and select “New from Template Chooser” and you’ll be able to start it right up.

Let us know in the comments below how this worked out for you! It’s a free app on the Mac App Store.

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