Wouldn’t it be cool to have Android and another OS on your laptop? Well, you can! Today I will showing you how to install Android Honeycomb 3.2.2 on to your Asus Eee PC. This will work on other laptops but it may not be 100% functional.

You’ll need a flash drive that is at least 1gb.

First of all, download the Android file for the correct computer:

Android for EeePc
Android for AMD Brazos
Android for TegaV2
Android for Asus Laptop

After you’ve downloaded the correct one, download UNetBootIn.


Place the 2 files in one folder on your desktop.

Plug in your flash drive and reformat it. Make sure you back up everything on it first!

Open UNetBootIn. On the bottom it says “Disk Image”. Select it, and where it shows the box with the 3 dots, press it. Find the Android file you downloaded.

On the bottom, it also says “Drive”. Click the box and select your flash drive. Press OK and it will do the rest.

Plug the flash drive in to the computer you want Android to be running on.

Then turn that computer on and boot it into the BIOS.

Your BIOS should read your flash drive. Select your flash drive as the primary drive.

Save the settings and let the computer restart.

It will then show you a screen that gives you options.

Select “Live CD – Tun Android-x86 without installation (MDPI)”

You are now ready to roll with Android Honeycomb! Please do not forget that this is not 100% functional and glitches may occur. We just have to wait until it is fully completed!

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