In many cases, it may become necessary to downgrade your iOS device to a previous firmware. Apple doesn’t allow this process, and many employees are actually trained that the process of downgrading firmware is impossible, and will gladly tell you that when you ask them about doing it at your local Apple Store. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is a lie.

Anybody who’s been jailbreaking for a while knows that being able to downgrade is extremely important to being able to retain the awesome features that unleashing the iPhone gives them. They understand the need to stay at a lower firmware, even when iTunes nags and nags for us to update. Sometimes, however, iPhones get updated, and in many cases, cannot be downgraded easily.

Before iOS 5, SHSH blobs were extremely important to the jailbreak community, and Cydia (the application all iPhone users should get access to at least once in their lives, if they ever at any moment feel like they want more out of their experience), would help them save a little unique series of numbers that would make it possible for them to downgrade if they needed to later. Today, using SHSH blobs isn’t quite as easy as it was before, it’s been long believed that there is no way to downgrade your iPhone without them. At least, until now.

The following method is a bit different from the normal routine, but we have confirmations that this does indeed work to get you back down to iOS 5.0, if you recently updated and would like to get back. You will not need SHSH blobs saved for this firmware either, something many people will be happy to hear. The steps come from @tt904 via Twitter.

Any device that is compatible with the latest Sn0wbreeze will be able to use this method.


HOW TO: Downgrade to iOS5 (5.0) WITHOUT BLOBS!

1. Download iH8sn0w’s Sn0wbreeze tool, 5.0.1, and 5.0 firmware for your Apple Device.

2. Open Sn0wbreeze and create 2 custom firmwares, one for 5.0 and one for 5.0.1.

3. Open Winrar and navigate into the custom 5.0 IPSW, copy both .dmg and both kernal cache files to your desktop.

4. Open the custom 5.0.1 ipsw with winrar and copy the names of the 2 dmg files into a text document, make a note of which file is larger. DELETE those 2 files out of the ipsw.

5. Rename the 2 .dmg files from the custom 5.0 ipsw that are on your desktop according to the names of the .dmg’s from 5.0.1. [match up the file sizes to determine what to name what]

6. Open the 5.0.1 custom ipsw in winrar and drag the 2 kernel cache files and the 2 newly renamed dmgs files into it.

7.Put your device into pwned DFU mode via iReb[windows] or redsn0w[mac]

8. Restore to the custom “5.0.1” ipsw.

9. Enjoy 5.0 (recommended)

10. Download the newest iFaith and save your SHSH blobs, create a signed 5.0 ipsw, restore again.


If you experience any issues with this process, or need some questions answered that are specific to this process, you can iMessage Thomas Dickson (who is credited for finding this) at [email protected]

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