Facebook Business Pages have been an essential part of HotTips!’s history. In fact, it’s where it began. In today’s highly technology driven, and communication oriented society, there is simply no excuse for any business to not have a place on this massive social network.

Business Pages on Facebook are different than normal profiles, and are specifically designed to serve an entirely different purpose. For starters, you don’t have to worry about friend requests and all of that nonsense, and your business page can be open for the entire world to see, rather than select markets and networks. Over 800 million people are going to be able to see your page, and add themselves to your community automatically. Of course, that doesn’t mean you are going to be able to communicate with 800 million people all of the time, but now you are at least restricted only by your marketing ability, rather than the filters of the network itself.

Facebook Pages offer an excellent opportunity to give your business a personal touch of class, with the use of plugins and custom applications that can be developed for your page.

Here are some of the advantages of Facebook Business Pages:
  • Pages that allow the company to interact with it’s users directly, and indirectly with a variety of features that are totally unavailable to your personal profile.
  • Ads which allow companies to market their name with targeted advertising, as well as grow their brand awareness and community reach. You can’t advertise a personal profile effectively, because personal profiles have privacy restrictions, and network reach limitations.
  • Sponsored Stories which places details of customer activity on their own news feeds, providing a publicly displayed connection between your business and your customers. They can chose to remove this of course, but it’s still there, and it’s larger than it was before.
  • Platform which allows businesses to engage with their customers/users with plugins and custom applications. This allows vivid, customized, interactive pages to be developed within your Facebook community that really being a whole other level of professionalism and creativity to your company image.
  • Friend Limitations are enforced on Personal Profiles. Business Pages do not have that restriction, so when your business takes off, and you reach 5,000 people… Be happy to know that with a business page, it will continue to grow, rather than stalling out on the friendship cap.
Creating a Business Page:

Step 1) Visit Facebook.com/Business. You may chose to watch the video that they’ve embedded on this page as a bit of an intro.

Step 2) Start the steps to creating a business page by clicking “Get Started.” From there you’ll be presented with a page detailing “How it works” and offering you a bit of insight into the features, and also how to get started.

Step 3) Click the green “Create a Page” button in the top right of the page.

Step 4) Choose the type of page you’d like to create. You know that part about your cause better than I do, so just choose the most appropriate option. This can be a bit intimidating, since Facebook’s “intuitive” system is almost always more confusing than a straight up approach. Oh well, we’re used to it by now, and eventually you will be too.

Step 5) Add a photo, invite people from your contact list, and fill in the details of your business. When you are satisfied, hit Continue.

Step 6) Welcome to Facebook Business Pages! – You’re ready to get out there as a public page on Facebook. Watch the “Likes” roll in as you build yourself as a success on Facebook.

There are incredible advantages to Facebook pages, and I think you’ll see that when people begin finding you on Facebook, whether by way of your advertising campaigns, word of mouth, or just stumbling upon you randomly, people will begin to pay attention to your brand more and more. The most used site on the web is Facebook. People spend more time there than any other place, period, Getting yourself established there should be a high priority for you.

For an example of a great Facebook Page, visit HotTips! on Facebook. If you have any questions, you can easily interact with us there as well, and we’ll have answers to any questions you may have!

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