Hi. I am a student at UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago). I use a Nokia N8 and I have been annoyed on how I couldn’t access the University’s WiFi with my Nokia N97 and my current device, Nokia N8. The Access HelpDesk did not know how to set up the settings on Symbian devices so I decided to figure it out myself… That is exactly what I did and that is why you are here!

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity ->Settings -> Destinations and press Access Point.

When it asks “Automatically check for available access points”, press No.

When it asks what type of Access point, press Wi-Fi.

Type UIC as the Wi-Fi Network Name.

Select the Network Mode/Status as Infrastructure (Public).

Select the Security Mode as 802.1X.

When it asks Select Destination, Select Internet.

Select the Internet Category and you will see the UIC Access point.

Click UIC and write the settings down as follows.

After you wrote the same settings, click Wifi Security Settings.

Select EAP Plug-In Settings.

Check the box that says EAP-TTLS and uncheck the rest.


Click Authority Certificate and select Thawte Premium Server. Where it says Username in User, select User Defined. Under Username, type in your NetID.

Afterwards, Press the Arrow on the top right corner.

Check the box that says “PAP” and uncheck everything else.

After you do that, click PAP

Under username, type your netid

For password, type in your UIC password.

That is it! You can now access UIC’s WiFi with your Symbian Device!

I have personally tested this on my Nokia N8 and my friend’s Nokia X6.

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