I recently tried a new mobile operating system in an Android Experiment. I found out that it really wasn’t for me (yet), but I wouldn’t even have been able to try it without having great people to borrow from. If you want to try out Windows Phone 7, but don’t have access to a device… Microsoft has done a really revolutionary thing: They’ll let you try it from your other phones.

It seems pretty odd, but it’s true. Microsoft has just released a new HTML 5 website that allows iPhone and Android users to get a taste of the Windows operating system. All you have to do is visit the URL on your iPhone or Android, and you can try Mango 7.5 right now.

The trial requires no downloads or registration or anything. just visit it, and you’re using Windows Phone.

Don’t worry about privacy of information or anything either. None of the data on your phone like your contacts, photos, etc. is accessible in the demo. What you can observe from it, however, is a pretty comprehensive look at all of Windows Phone’s features. Microsoft uses a blue dot to guide you around the operating system, and given that many features aren’t going to work from your browser (like their “awesome voice recognition”), you’ll get a great idea of how Windows Phone 7 works.

This is a great way to give users of other platforms a view into the world that Microsoft created. Will you switch from this? I really hope not, but perhaps it’ll make you curious enough to try out a Windows device for yourself.

On your phone right now?


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