Lots of people love customizing their iPhones with new stuff from Cydia, and jailbreaking the device is the only way to get it done right. With apps and tweaks in Cydia, you can do as much, if not more, to your iOS device than even an Android user can do. Of course, customizations in abundance will affect performance on every device on the market, so you should be smart about whether the look, or the feel, is more important to you.

For the most part, you’re going to need Winterboard to do most customizations. Winterboard does have a tendency to slow down the operation of your device a little bit, which is why you’ll likely notice a little lag on my phone in the video (my battery isn’t exactly fully charged either). That’s the price for customization in a lot of cases, but not all.

System sounds can be downloaded from Cydia, or created from scratch if you know how to do that, and where to put them. Cydia’s collection is huge, and you’ll likely find way more there than you actually like. It’s best to try searching around, using keywords that interest you, like car sounds, melodies, or in my case: Zelda. (I searched for “Navi”). I found quite quickly the sounds for Zelda, which I was using in a video I made a long time ago when I demonstrated how to make your AT&T iPhone look like it was a Verizon iPhone. There are hundreds of tweaks available for jailbroken devices, and while many of them are not for you, some are, and finding them can be a challenge sometimes, especially if you’re new, and don’t know where to look. This will hopefully help you with one aspect of customization: Sounds.


One such tweak that’s available now in Cydia won’t do anything to the performance of your iDevice, and it adds a bit of customization that is really great for a lot of people. If you’ve ever found yourself bored with the standard “tri-tone” system sound, and wanted to make your own throughout your iDevice, this one is for you!

The tweak you are looking for is called “PushTone” in the BigBoss repo. The tweak enables custom tones throughout your phone’s notification system, allowing you to determine what you hear when your apps want your attention. You can chose different sounds for individual apps as well, so you’ll always know what app is pushing a notification to your phone.

To customize, you’ll first need to go and get the app from Cydia. If you are using a jailbroken device right now when viewing this article, TAP THIS LINK HERE from your phone to be taken to it. The package cost $1.99. Some may think it’s not worth it, others will like the freedom.


PushTone doesn’t add any icon to your screen. Everything is done within the settings menu, in your notifications for specific apps. An additional section for PushTone is made available at the bottom of notification settings for each app that supports notifications, and it’ll allow you to choose anything that’s available from your current collection of sounds.

It’s a really simple implementation that doesn’t use any additional system resources, so you won’t find PushTone taking up much space on your phone’s storage, or much power consumption to get in the way of your tasks.


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