We at HotTips! would like to thank you for being so awesome! To do that, we’re going to have a bit of fun! We’re having an Easter Egg hunt!

The rules are pretty simple. Simply find as many eggs as you can hidden around the website, and record the UNIQUE CODE for each egg. Every Egg has a code, and you MUST SUBMIT THE CODES to prove you found it. There are over 30 eggs on the site. Some are hidden like a lazy bum, while other took a bit of skill. If you are able to record and submit all the codes to me the fastest, you WIN! – If nobody submits them all, the person who found the most will win.



1) ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED on or before Sunday April 24, 2011 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. NO EXCEPTIONS. The “Time Stamp” on the email must be on the 24th, and NOT be submitted on the 25th, according to Eastern Time USA.

2) ALL USERS, CONTRIBUTORS, AUTHORS, and EDITORS of are allowed to play. Everyone has been stripped of their priviledges and abilities on the site, so there is no way they can cheat. There is only one person who has any abilities on the site, and He’s the same person who hid the eggs (me).

3) Prizes may not be substituted, or exchanged for anything else. All prizes are FINAL!

4) The Winner, which will be selected within 72 hours of the contest ending, will be contacted via email about his winnings. The winner will be contacted at the exact same email address they sent his/her entry through. This Person MUST REPLY WITH THEIR FULL NAME, and APPLE ID email address BEFORE I CAN SEND THEM THEIR PRIZE!THEY WILL HAVE 15 DAYS To DO THIS, or forfeit. No Exceptions.

How to Play:


The game is very simple, but could take some time to actually do well enough to beat everybody else (that’s the point). First off… ALL EGGS ARE HIDDEN ON THIS WEBSITE. They are actual links within articles, photos, or other types of things here on the website. Some Eggs are hidden behind new links created just for the contest, others were already links before, but were REPLACED by a link to an egg! Tricky, yes I know.

Links will look like All of our other links do. They look just like this. Links can simply be clicked, and you’ll be taken to where that link goes. Maybe it goes to another article or off site (like it was meant to do before) or maybe it’ll take you to a page on our site that has an egg. Who knows!? That’s the fun of the hunt!

Eggs look like this (NOT AN ACTUAL CONTEST ENTRY):



As you can see from above, there is a large egg, and a CODE UNDER IT! That’s what you’ll need to record and save. The person that wins will be the person that sends me the most codes before Monday (again, it’s due in my email inbox no later than Sunday April 24th, 2011 at 11:59pm… if it hits midnight, you are too late, and I will not accept it)

EMAILS SHOULD BE SENT TO: [email protected]

Nobody should email a ton of emails though. Compile your list, and send it that way, in one message. There are over 30 eggs, so if you think you got them all, but you aren’t even at 30 yet, you don’t have them all! :D )

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask on facebook or below. Remember ANYTHING ON THE WEBSITE COULD UNCOVER AN EGG! You just have to keep your eyes open, and your fingers clicking! Good Luck!

(Please note that some text on our website will have “double underlines” with them. These are NOT our links. Anything with a “double underline” is an ad. I know I know, I get a little money when you click on them, but I felt morally better about telling you that anything looking like that will not be an egg.)

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