Update: After you hack your HD2 with the HSPL3, you can flash Android on the NAND from Here!

Do you have the stock Windows Mobile 6.5 or want to improve your signal strength? Like the new Custom ROM your friend has? You can do the same! All you need is the following:

T-Mobile HTC HD2 (American Model Only)
Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 (Vista/7) or Microsoft ActiveSync (XP)
Custom ROM/Radio

For Custom Windows Mobile ROMs, click here (via XDA)
For T-Mobile Radios, click here (via XDA)
Download HSPL3 from here

Install ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center and connect your HD2 to the PC

Run HSPL3 (For Vista/7, run as administrator!)Click Next and it will show you an HSPL for your phone. (It is usually 2.08 HSPL)

Click Next and your phone will be placed in bootloaderIt will say “We Hacked It” and click “Yes” if you do see it.

Your phone will now reboot and you are now able to flash a new Custom ROM and/or Radio!

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