Google has just released their first ad spot for the Nexus 7, their new flagship tablet which has a lot of buzz surrounding it. Google is hoping the tablets fast speeds, advanced processing and features set, as well as the slightly smaller (more manageable?) size will allow it to advance forward and compete with the iPad.

Their commercial is quite similar to Apple’s ads, which is a very good thing for them. Perhaps Google’s advertising being similar to Apple’s will have a positive affect for them. After all, if there is one company that knows how to run an effective ad campaign, it’s Apple. Glad to see Google is on the right path.

Rather than focusing on specifications, Google has taken the personal approach, and highlighted the bonding experience a father can share with his son while using the tablet. The two people use the technology to enhance their experience together, a much more effective campaign than the traditional lightning bolts and special effects that nobody cares about. By doing this, Google shows customers how their technology improves their lives outside of technology. It tells people “get out and live… and take your tablet with you.” Very well done.

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What do you think of the ad? Are you getting a Nexus 7?


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