All I got to say is, it’s about damn time! They waited way too long for this.

Google+ was likely going to be a successful social network, but they waited until now to open themselves up officially. When it first began, I was very unsure about it, simply because nobody was using it as a social network. The most popular topics on Google+, was Google+. That’s not how a social network should operate, but that’s what was happening. As time went on though, topics started to broaden out, and people began using the service more like they use Twitter now. The “stream” is still messed up a bit, as it rarely shows any information that I care about (it’s beta though… What can you expect). Still, the future of Google Plus will remain unclear, until more people join in. Whether or not anybody will anymore will also be a mystery

The Google Plus team has been working hard on presenting quality service, and has been listening to suggestions from everyone lately. Like many things from Google recently, they are looking to advance into areas that aren’t theirs to dominate, attempting to compete with an industry that already has established leaders. It’s a bold journey, but if any company has the resources to attempt such risks, it’s Google (well… maybe Apple would too, but they aren’t interested in that yet).

Google Plus was announced back toward the end of June, and has since been invitation only up until this point. We’ve been giving out invitations for quite a while, and have successfully added over 600 people to the network… Only 1/3 which are actually following me back! :(

The service has generated incredible buzz, and has even forced Google to shut down the invitation system for a while to help themselves cope with the demand. Even with that, we figured out a way to invite people anyways, and got in a few more profile creations during that down time.

Google Plus is certainly on the road to competing with facebook, and they have some really interesting features now, as well as some lined up for the future. Features like their “Hang Out” feature, which smokes facebook’s lame counter-hangout response by offering up to 10 people simultaniously to have a conversation (Facebook allows only one-on-one). Google Plus is set to offer interactive games as well, and they’ll be opening up business profiles soon for corporate purposes as well. These pages will have their own little features, but we don’t have detail about that quite yet.

For more information on Google Plus, CLICK HERE.

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