Google Plus Update! All of you business people out there looking to create a business page to Google Plus may be happy to hear that they are going to be coming much quicker than anticipated. I personally still question in the back of my mind whether or not this new social network with super-high hype can actually obtain the sustainability that it needs to succeed as Google  envisions it.

The response that Google Plus has gotten has been overwhelming. Believe it or not, in just three weeks, Google Plus has managed to pull in over 20 million unique visitors (meaning 20 million profiles). This exciting news has gotten Google Plus Project Manager Christian Oestlien to put up a quick update on where Google is currently sitting in regards to business profiles.

There have been a ton of businesses, charities, and organizations looking to put themselves up on the new social network, which Google debuted to the world just three short weeks ago. With that eagerness to join, however, also comes expectations for unique features that can help them reach people more efficiently. Consumer profiles, or profiles designed for single person use, have tools available to them that allow anybody to follow anybody whenever they want, and stay up to date. It’s gained a very positive review from most people, which of course makes Google very happy.

Business profiles, at least in my opinion (which I am currently waiting for myself with HotTips!), doesn’t need the same types of feature sets as personal profiles do. Business profiles should include tools exclusive to their needs, one of which is the ability to broadcast to a wide audience more easily. I don’t feel it’s quite necessary to center business profiles around the ability to follow others, because businesses really just want to be followed. In fact, Google Plus has yet to implement a system similar to facebook, that would allow people to converse together in a closed community on Google Plus. The circle thing is nice and all, but using it for communication to a community of people would be pretty difficult, given that messages from members cannot be seen or addressed by all members. I see that as a potential problem, but not one that will give Google much trouble. They’ll likely copy Facebook’s interface a bit anyways, because the way Facebook is doing it really does work quite well.

I’d also like to see group chat enabled on business pages. Chat which isn’t dependent on circles, but could easily be used to answer questions on the go (like a company live-chat from a website).

Like I said I’m waiting for Business profiles, and judging by this latest update from Chritian… it won’t be long now! You can follow my personal Google Plus profile (which pretty much places everything public anyways) by adding me to your circles HERE. If you haven’t gotten into Google Plus yet, and are interested in receiving an invite, HotTips! has been giving them out like candy ever since Google Plus started. Simply follow the instructions HERE and we’ll get you in. Thanks!


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