Google has just announced on their Facebook Page that they’ve partnered with Sprint to bring a seamless integration of Google Voice service to Sprint phones. Sprint customers will now easily have the ability to make and receive phone calls, and they do not even have to port over their numbers! The partnership is something I personally have wished would happen with AT&T, but after AT&T and Apple’s little act of denying their app on the App Store for so long, I can totally understand why it wouldn’t be coming to what is soon to be the country’s largest carrier. Perhaps soon it will happen, but for now I’ll have to use a separate app for everything. It’s not really all that big of a deal, especially with a jailbreak of my iPhone, since I’ve figured out how to integrate the Google Voice service into my default text messaging application on my iPhone.

Sprint and Google have been working on this for a little while, and I believe this is a smart move for Sprint, considering they are now the only major US carrier (once T-Mobile is gone) to offer Unlimited Data, Text, and Calling. They are also the cheapest major carrier. Now, they’ve got integration with a very popular and still growing Google Voice service. Sprint and Google wished to tell you more about this partnership, and so they created this video below:


This integration of Google Voice with Sprint is an amazing move on their part. Google Voice Service is awesome, and I already use it regularly to get free texting. If you haven’t investigated Google Voice service yet, and you own a smart phone… You should look into it. I never pay for texting, because I already pay for data. Use the data you already pay for to text! It’s a great tool to integrate all of your phones to one number too. See more information HERE.


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