Feeling a bit like a pirate? Ever wanted to venture out into the world in search of unimaginable wealth and riches beyond your wildest dreams? You may have thought such things were only possible in the movies, but Google’s a pretty big company, and they charge you nothing to use their services.

So how do they have so much money? Simple: They’ve got a lot of treasure! They’ve just uncovered a whole lot more as well! They’ve found maps to the legendary Captain Kid’s gold!

Unfortunately, the brilliant minds at Google need help deciphering all of the code left within these ancient scrolls, and they’ve decided to let the internet help them out!

¬†Google has decided to share the code baring the locations of some of their treasure, hidden deep throughout the world. It’s important to note that such riches are probably very difficult to get to, so if you are able to decipher it, you should probably just give the locations to Google instead of trying to get it yourself. It stands to reason that only the bold and brave men and woman should dare to challenge the dangers that await all those seeking such fortune, but for those who fancy a bit of adventure… Google’s uploaded an interactive map to the booty! AVAST! Ye map be here ya old scalawags!

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