Here’s to more changes in the Google Interface! Apparently, Google is looking to enhance the tablet user experience by employing a slight change in the user interface on their site.

Google is testing a fresh and cleaner layout for web search and other search properties which involves that nice little black bar at the top. This will likely make accessing Google Plus easier, and it will undoubtedly show al user notifications in time for their public launch (which, no matter what you have read thus far, has NOT been officially announced yet).

One thing many people may like is the clean, single column look of the search results, as well as the option to view the cached version of any web page. The navigation menus are in plain text, but one noticeable difference is that really awesome “Gooooooogle” menu they’ve always had at the bottom (which multiple pages making “Google” into “Goooooogle”) is actually gone now. I’m unsure why they’ve removed it, but it’s not there at the moment.

Google has decided to take advantage of that extra screen space featured on tablet devices. No telling exactly when this new interface will go live for every person, but it’s on it’s way for all tablet users soon.

(via SearchEngineLand)


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