Today, Google formally announced Google Fiber, Google’s very own internet service, that will be launched in Kansas City.  Google Fiber promises speeds up to 1000 Mb/s (and that’s not a typo).  Google Fiber will also have a television package along side with their internet service.   Customers in Kansas City now have the option to pre-register for this service and the areas with the most pre-registrations will receive the service first.


Speeds and Pricing

Google Fiber will offer 3 service packages at varying price points, one of those being free.

Free Internet – 5 Mbps, Basic High Speed internet great for occasional web users – $300 dollar construction fee*

Gigabit Internet – 1000 Mbps – 100 times faster than most American’s internet connection today – $70/month (waived construction fee)*

Gigabit Internet + TV – 1000 Mbps internet plus most/all your favorite channels – $120/month*

For more information on these plans click here

*Prices subject to change

Television customers will also receive a Nexus 7 to use as their remote, which is pretty amazing, especially with how reasonably priced the service is.  If you live in Kansas City and want to pre-register for Google Fiber click here

Source | Google Fiber


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