Ever tried to type a search in the URL bar, only to be redirected to your Comcast or AT&T search page that tells you there is nothing to be discovered? I have, especially after using Chrome for a little while. The “Omnibar” as it’s called, is a simple feature that should be enabled in every browser already, but only Google had figured that out (mostly because they are a search engine… and they want you to be encouraged to search Google rather than type your URL). I really liked this functionality, and now it’s really easy to get it in Safari as well!

The guys over at Macgasm have found a little tweak out on that vast World Wide Web, that allows us Safari users to have an omnibar of our own! There’s no telling why Apple hadn’t already enabled such a wonderful feature by default, but as you can tell be the other content on this site, we aren’t really all that keen on sticking to Apple’s rules when it comes to using our own stuff!

To get started, head on over to Github, where you’ll be able to download the SafariOmnibar plugin. Then install it (very easy) and away you go! You must be running Safari 5.0 in Snow Leopard, or Safari 5.1 on Lion for this work. Macgasm’s explanation is pretty good already, so I’ll just let ya read that:

The applications makes use of SIMBL, the Simple Bundle Loader, that lets developers and users create plugins for applications that don’t have plugin support. SIMBL 1.9.9 is included in the installation package, and installs seamlessly. You won’t even notice it in action at all. Simply run the package installer, restart Safari, and start using your URL bar as a search engine, just like it was intended, apparently.

I’m pretty sure I like Safari a lot better now. I’m quite satisfied with knowing that accidental entry of a search term into my URL bar isn’t going to make me get redirected to a stupid ISP search anymore. Glad to hear somebody has finally made something convenient to enhance Safari like this!

Open up the installer that you just downloaded, and follow the step by step instructions. It’s really easy:

You’ll need to authenticate permission to install it…

Once the installation finishes, RESTART Safari! Now you’ll have the Omnibar, and putting search terms into it will result in a Google Search, just like Chrome!

(via Macgasm)

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