For me and many others, the battery life on the iPhone 5 is really good. However, many who push their phones to the limit, or find themselves frequently in bad coverage area may wish to start tinkering with some settings! Now this isn’t the first time we’ve covered battery life on iOS. There are many great tips right here that you should read! The best thing you can do is charge your phone. However since Apple has changed the dock connector with their new generation of iDevices, that may be easier said than done. While we wait for Lightning accessories to proliferate the market place, we are left to the settings on our devices to save the battery from running out.

The iPhone 5 introduced iPhone users to LTE speeds. A drawback of course is increased battery usage. If the drawbacks outweigh the advantages for you, you have the option to turn it off.
Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Enable LTE

On the same settings page you will find a few other setting that may help you with battery savings.
“Cellular Data” will turn off your phones data connection. With this turned off, you will still get phone calls and text messages. Nothing that requires a data connection will work. (Apps, email, Safari, etc…)
At the bottom of this settings page you will find “Use Cellular Data for:” and a list of toggles. Turning these things off will only let them function when you are connected to the less battery intensive WiFi.(and less data intensive for those on limited data plans!)

This next feature we’ve talked about before. It’s a feature of Siri that is called “Raise To Speak”. It works by turning on your proximity sensor whenever the screen of you iPhone is on. You can learn more about that sensor working overtime here.
You can turn this feature off by heading to Settings -> General -> Siri and toggling off “Raise to Speak”.

By manually lowering your iPhones screen brightness you can save a considerable amount of battery.
Settings->Brightness & Wallpaper

iCloud can be handy, but can also eat through your battery. Turning it off could leave your data vulnerable and not backed up. Since iCloud is also used for “Find my iPhone” so turning this off could prove problematic should you lose your iPhone. If you still want to turn it off you’ll find the settings under: Settings ->iCloud. You also have the safer option of disabling only certain parts of iCloud from syncing here.

When talking about saving battery on a mobile device, location services can never be overlooked. You have fine-tune control over location services in iOS 6. You’ll find these settings under Settings->Privacy->Location Services. You can turn it off all together right here. Or take it app by app.

Also under Location Services you’ll see the menu “System Services”. Here you can turn off location services for: Call Network Search, Compass Calibration, Diagnostics & Usage, Genius for Apps, Location-Based iAds, Setting Time Zone, and Traffic. You can turn these off if you feel comfortable, noting that these might affect Apple services on your device. For most if you are located in the same time zone all the time, you can turn that one off with no trouble.

For those that want to try out Passbook and put these digital cards onto your lock screen, be aware that if the card is location based then your phone will check location every time the screen goes on. For short term items like boarding passes, this might work ok for you. However things like rewards cards that are used multiple times, this might not be a good idea for your battery. By tapping the lower right of the card in passbook, you will see the option to “Show On Lock Screen” and you can toggle it off.

Hope these tips, along with the ones I posted here are helpful in prolonging the battery in your iPhone 5.




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