Much like the iPhone can be jailbroken easily with a few steps, Geohot has just released the jailbreak for the Playstation 3 console running firmware 3.55! The task is very quick and simple, involving a USB stick and a custom file to be installed on the system.

Instructions are available right below the video

To do this follow these instructions:

1. Obtain a USB stick
2. Create a folder named: ” PS3 “
3. Create a folder inside the ” PS3 ” folder named ” UPDATE “
4. Inside the “UPDATE” folder, place THIS FILE inside
5. Run system update from the media on the stick
There is a test package that Geohot has created to test the jailbreak (optional). You can get that HERE.
After jailbreaking, your PS3 will beep 4 times then turn off (for about 45 seconds or so). Just turn it back on and you are done.
(Note: If you are having troubles, and you live outside the country or have a primary language other than English, set the console to English and try installation again. Doing this seems to fix issues)
Now you have a Homebrew PS3 firmware! You can still have network access, and you can install Linux on the PS3 again! This works for both the older models, and the newer “slim” models!
The License Agreement you will see is also quite funny!
Please click ok and dont read this cause its boring but seriously if you brick your system its not my fault
It’s important to note that this is a hack to install custom packages and software items on the Playstation 3 console. There are, however, not any real packages created yet… so it’s not all that useful at this time. Still pretty cool though.
(Note: there is a risk of Sony detecting your jailbroken console. Sony has been known to BAN consoles from the Playstation Network that have been jailbroken. This should be used at your own risk. Neither Geohot, nor HotTips! will be responsible if anything happens to your PS3)
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(Source: @SteathBravo via Twitter)

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