Games vary so much on the mobile platform, and I sometimes wonder how developers go about deciding on a final price for their games. In some cases, a 99 cent game could bring an insane amount of fun for days (Angry Birds), and then, in the other hand, a $2 game could leave you feeling a bit disappointed later on. This is just as true for the Android Marketplace as it is for the Apple App Store. Same deal all the way around.

In many cases, developers actually release a “lite” version of a game, or a free demo version for people to try out. This allows users to try the game before they buy it, in a sense, which is excellent for the customers satisfaction end of things. However, a game changer (pun intended) has come up now that’s offering Android users an excellent alternative that I’m sure they’ll enjoy.

A company called Exent thinks they got it figured out, and they’re going live with a Netflix-style service for games. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Sign up, and get all-you-can-eat for your mobile gaming life!

It’s actually very simple to get started as well. If you have an Android device, download the GameTanium Mobile app from Exent’s site. If you have your non-market app downloads disabled by default in your firmware, like most AT&T devices, then unfortunatly you won’t be able to grab this (without a root).


The Great news is, GameTanium is $4.99 a month for unlimited access to their collection of Android games, which as of right now, is just over 75 games. Not many now, but give’m a break.. it just launched! According to Techcrunch, their selection isn’t all that shabby at the moment either:

At a cursory glance, the selection seems to be made up heavily of casual options like Treasures of Montezuma and Farm Frenzy, though we’re seeing at least two racing games (Wave Blazer and Raging Thunder) and one fairly popular action game (Parachute Panic) thrown into the mix for good measure. New games should be added each week, says the company, with the selection topping 200 by the end of the year.

Exent’s launch is going straight to the consumer today, but the big goal is to get this stuff onto handsets when they are purchased from the store (as in, out of the box). That’s extremely smart, because way more people will know about it. Plus, since they already power the Verizon Games service, it’ll likely be easy to connect with at least that carrier!

If you get a chance to try this out, please leave a comment below and tell us about it! I’d love your feedback!


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