Samsung has a new device out on the market now for ALL FOUR major US carriers (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile) as well as a model for US Cellular as well. The 7″ tablet device has been dubbed the “Galaxy Tab,” and in this article, I’ll walk you through a comparison of a few of it’s features, as compared to the iPad. It features the same speed processor (1ghz) as the iPad, as well as the same amount of RAM (512mb).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is likely the only real competitor to the iPad on the market right now. That’s not to say it’ll beat it in sales or revenue (because it doesn’t stand a chance), however it will grab a lot of customers that wish to enjoy the Froyo (Android 2.2) operating system on a tablet device. The tablet has a beautiful screen, and it’s operation is very smooth. It comes preloaded with Android 2.2 and ready for all compatible apps to be used easily and quickly from the Android Market place (Google account required). As with any device though, there are some primary differences between it and it’s competitors, and some will have positive, and negative effects.

The best way I can do this comparison, is to compare it to the iPad. Instead of positives and negatives, I’ll be examining this for advantages and disadvantages.
1) First off, let’s start with the BIG ADVANTAGE: It has not one, but TWO cameras. The rear of the device features a 3MP camera with auto-focus and LED flash. The front camera: a 1.3MP for video chat. Although the quality of the rear, and especially the front camera do not even close equal the cameras on say, the iPhone 4, this is a HUGE advantage for this device, given the number of people wishing the iPad had a camera on it as well.
2) The Galaxy Tab is slightly more “portable” with it’s smaller 7″ display. It’s size allows it to fit snugly into the back pocket of your jeans while you walk (although who would really do that?).
3) It comes with Froyo, Android 2.2. This operating system is Google’s most advanced mobile OS to date, and those who love Android will love the tablet. All of it’s out of the box customizations are there and ready to go. Since it’s Froyo, IT SUPPORTS FLASH content, creating yet another HUGE advantage for mobile people who want to enjoy flash web content and videos. It does flash content seamlessly, which is something that cannot be said about iPad, even after a jailbreak. This makes watching your favorite sports games on the go, very easy. No more little TV’s to carry around if you have this.

4) Expandable memory: Although the iPad comes in 16GB and 32 GB versions, it isn’t expandable. You choose one or the other. The Samsung Galaxy tab, however, features not only 16GB and 32GB internal memory models, but also an SD card slot for expanding that memory to up to 64GB total.
5) It comes ready to go for ALL FOUR major US carriers, creating a broad customer base and target market. iPad has recently come to Verizon as well as AT&T, but Sprint and T-Mobile are left out in the cold with the iPad. Galaxy Tab comes for all of them, as well as US Cellular.

1) It’s running Android: I’m actually going to put the fact that it’s running Android as a negative as well. The tablet does not have the power management abilities of the iOS driven iPad, and also doesn’t have the App Store (let’s face it: Android Marketplace < App Store).
2) Price: It’s slightly more pricy than the iPad, coming in at $399 with a contract and $599 without a service contract. iPad comes with NO CONTRACT OBLIGATIONS for only $499 directly from Apple.
3) Data Plans: This Tablet, at the subsidized price of $399, requires a data plan from the carrier you’ve chosen to use it with. A nice little 2-year service agreement with cancellation fee and all. iPad, as we all know, carries absolutely ZERO commitment on their data plans for the 3G versions.
4) Android Market apps MAY NOT upscale correctly in some cases, simply because Android’s guidelines for the marketplace are not quite as “required” as Apple’s App Store. Some apps which do not follow all of the suggested guidelines, may not work well on the tablet. Others, which follow most, may just look cruddy when upscaled. Although this is theoretically the case, however, in my tinkering with it in the Verizon Store, I had no problems getting Apps to work well (it’s important to note though that I didn’t download anything, and was only using what was on the device).
5) The device has a 7-hour battery, and far less standby time than the iPad (which has an unprecedented 30-day standby time). I would have hoped for a better battery in such a device, but with the smaller display, it’s likely just sheer size restrictions that caused it.
6) Landscape mode… isn’t very friendly with the Galaxy Tab, especially when typing. The software keyboard is just the size that makes you reach with your thumbs to type if you hold it landscape, but also makes your hands very close together if you set it down to type. The device clearly was designed to be held portrait for a majority of it’s tasks. It cannot say “there’s no wrong way to hold it” like the iPad can, at least not when typing up an email.
Well there you have it. my short little review of the Galaxy Tab by Samsung. , As usual, it’s pretty much up to third party developers to make this product shine to it’s full potential. Whether they help make it or break it is yet to be determined. I can say this though, as far as iPad completion goes: this is the best one yet.
Check out their commercial. Quite frankly I don’t think it helps them, as many things this guy does with holding it up with his hands in front of him… seems a bit uncomfortable. just my opinion though.

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