The PSP remake of RPG classic Final Fantasy I is now available for the Android on Google Play. The first in the landmark series will cost you $6.99, a whole $2 less than the Appstore. But with money becoming increasingly tight, and several other apps available for a similar or less price, is it worth the cost?

A Classic Game Full Of Tricks

I briefly touched on how the first Final Fantasy revolutionized the RPG genre, but perhaps a further refreshing is in order. Instead of a simple “Easy” or “Hard” video game setting, there were character classes. Each class is a classic archetype: the weak healer, the fragile mage, quick thief, powerful knight. You could customize the party into any combination of four you choose. It’s common knowledge that a balanced party is necessary to function properly. This could be considered the “Easy” setting, and dozens of other combinations possible, how the game played and what difficulty you experienced was completely under your control. Even in games of today, it’s hard to find such a level of customization.

In that same article, I talked about the easy of current Final Fantasy titles have become too easy. Part of the reasoning behind that is the linearity of these recent titles. The first was the exact opposite. The world was large, with lots of travelling and lots of monsters in-between. It felt like an adventure, because there was a lot of adventuring involved. That came with a price, however.

…Full Of Old Tricks

A big world with dead ends and deserts that lead nowhere made it easy to get lost. If you weren’t sure where to go, you had to pick a direction and walk as far as you can. And with a classic RPG, you have the classic random encounters to worry about. Getting lost + endless enemies = a lot of close calls. Or, that would have been the case with the original, but the remake is considerably easier. A “Game Over” isn’t something you’re likely to see.

With these obvious cons with not-so-obvious pros, I ask again: is the game worth your money? There are a few new additions, of course. Improved graphics, new character sprites, and an extra dungeon are made available, but it’s not really much. If you’ve played the game before, the changes don’t warrant a repurchase unless you’re a particularly faithful fan. If you haven’t played the game, though, it’s definitely worth getting for your library.



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